Process & Manage

Unified document management across key patient moments and secure storage

Keep Documents and Data on Course With Streamlined Document Triage

Assign, split, index, and attach individual pages to new and existing Salesforce records within a single experience.

Centralize Patient Documents and Data

Automatically associate documents and data to the required Salesforce record(s) upon indexing.

Document Annotation and User Tracking

Use annotation features for document collaboration without altering the original document.

Leverage activity tracking to provide a full review of interaction activities across each user.

Document Storage, Security, Compliance, and Reporting

Reduce document storage costs by leveraging zPaper's secure server infrastructure.

Access key operational reporting and document-guided audit features using the zPaper reports engine in unison with Salesforce dashboards.

Manage documents across the entire patient journey confidently with zPaper's HITRUST Certified and HIPAA compliant platform.

With zPaper, we could easily connect documents to the 360-degree view of patients within a single platform versus multiple. VMS has also seen a 70% reduction in overall document processing time!

Renee Brochhagen​ - CIO at VMS BioMarketing

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