The Multi-Channel Healthcare Document Journey Automation Solution for Salesforce

zDocument360 helps organizations streamline care coordination by connecting, automating, and managing documents across operational, physician, and patient touch points within a unified Salesforce experience.

Receive and Capture

Automatically receive documents from multiple channels, capture data from documents to build or enhance record information, and manage work assignments with captured data presented to achieve process consistency, accuracy, and efficiency.

Process and Manage

Quickly streamline process efficiency and improve compliance with the following capabilities:

  • Perform document triage and initiate document workflows in a single experience.
  • Centralize documents and activity insights within standard or custom Salesforce objects.
  • Lower storage costs by leveraging our secure server infrastructure while also meeting rigorous compliance standards.

Generate and Send

Create enhanced dynamic forms from interactive PDF templates, create quick merge templates from DOCX files, send documents through multiple channels, and leverage an intelligent barcode to achieve closed-loop document routing.

Security at the helm

zPaper platform solutions are HITRUST Certified and HIPAA compliant.

“zPaper enhanced our business processes and reduced costs and time to complete the steps in the process by tightly integrating fax capabilities with Salesforce. The platform implementation was seamless. The sales team offered an authentic and personalized experience. Any questions or concerns that we had were addressed in a timely manner. The customer support team was super responsive."

Erin Markovich​ - Boston Scientific

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