Accelerate your patients’ access to healthcare by reducing document exchange and communication cycles between patients, their providers, and insurers.

Business Use Cases
  • Patient Assistance Programs
  • Patient Reimbursement Hub
  • Prescription & Order Management
  • Risk Evaluations & Mitigation Strategies


Pharmaceutical contact centers struggle to effectively assist patients that experience challenges with affording prescription drugs/treatments or navigating their insurance.

Barriers for contact centers can include:

1.​ Maintaining high volumes of patient documentation that enters their systems.

2.​ Performing disconnected steps to capture specific documents/data from prescriptions, order forms, and insurance cards, slowing down their patients’ access to life-changing medical devices.

Our Solution

zPaper’s unified solution streamlines your document exchange, whether documents arrive through physical or digital channels. With swift process automation, we help move documents along their journey with tools that capture, process and manage patient records and data.

By facilitating this stream of new patient enrollments, you now have more time to focus on helping your patients instead of having to worry about sifting through multiple channels of documents.

zPaper also helps you meet your financial goals efficiently while keeping your SLAs and KPIs in mind.

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