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Your Patient Referral Intake process brings significant amounts of patient documentation and data from traditional channels (e.g. fax and postal mail) to digital channels (e.g email, web portals, EMRs, EHRs ) that needs to be processed and managed. Call centers for healthcare organizations keep track of key metrics to on-board patients referred by their affiliated and non-affiliated providers which includes processing the patient documentation associated with the patient intake. These key performance indicators have a direct impact on an individual's health and on the bottom line of the healthcare organization receiving those referrals.


How we help

zPaper helps streamline the exchange of critical patient documentation and data across channels. Your patient intake process is transformed by automating the business processes for each document journey, providing agents, referral coordinators and intake specialists more time to focus on their most important task:

Helping the patient
Receive, process, and generate documents such as:
  • HIPAA Authorizations
  • Consent Forms
  • Insurance Cards
  • Patient Diagnosis
  • Physician Notes
  • Letters/Notifications
  • Provider Enrollments

Case Study

Baylor Scott & White Health

Business Use Case: Referral Management

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