zPaper:Transport forSalesforce

Multi-Channel Document Exchange and Document Generation. Simplified.

zPaper:Transport is an intuitive HITRUST certified and HIPAA compliant solution that gives organizations the ability to receive, send, and generate documents within Salesforce.

Centralized Document Retrieval

Automatically receive documents from direct message, fax, and email into Salesforce.

Queue or Owner Assignment

Automatically assign incoming documents to a queue or owner based on channel ID (e.g. assigned direct message address, fax number, or email based on program, drug, department, etc.).

Creation of Received Document Record

If using Health Cloud, inbound documents are associated with a received document record that has been automatically created upon receipt.

Template Building

Easily build documents with merged data from Salesforce using DOCX templates. Templates can be stored for future use within your local drive or Salesforce library files.

Document Generation

Select and generate documents from previously created DOCX documents. Generated documents are viewable on the originating record as a lightning file attachment.

Outbound Sending

Send individual or bundles of documents from any standard or custom Salesforce object.

Automated Return Routing

Automatically route and attach outbound documents to their originating record once return utilized zPaper's intelligent barcode feature.

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zPaper:Transport for Salesforce Data Sheet

zPaper:Transport for Salesforce 3 Minute On-Demand Product Demo

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