Elevating Patient and Provider Engagement with Secure, Efficient, and Integrated Healthcare Document Interactivity

Sprkz reimagines healthcare document engagement with its secure and user-friendly web application, providing a more efficient way for recipients to access, view, and interact with provided documents. By improving important document interactions, Sprkz fosters a more collaborative and efficient experience between patients and healthcare organizations.


Rapid and Secure Sending with Delivery Tracking

Initiate access to view documents in Sprkz through zPaper's Stampz document exchange channel, a backwards compatible fax alternative that leverages blockchain and Web3.0 technology for fast and secure document delivery. Additionally, view delivery tracking to ensuring complete transparency.

Portal-Less Access

Securely access Sprkz documents via a generated QR code or link. Both are generated by Stampz with a secure access pin upon sending for enhanced security. OAuth methods are also available.

Smart Data Entry

Recipients can enter information just once, and our system will automatically populate it across all your documents when using the "Learn" and "Fill" capabilities, eliminating repetitive typing.

Markup & eSignature Capabilities

Leverage markup capabilities to highlight important details, add a stamp, and additional notes. Plus, eSignature capabilities are built in for further efficiency.

Attachment Documents and Images

Additional documents and/or images can be easily attached from a local drive or Google Drive.

Automatic Routing and Tracking of Received Documents

Within Sprkz, recipients can easily initiate the return of documents through the assigned channel. Upon return, documents, including any attachments, are automatically attached to the originating record. Additionally, the return of documents are tracked for visibility.

Data Mapping

If initiating Sprkz access through Salesforce, data entered in mapped interactive PDF fields are seamlessly transferred to corresponding Salesforce fields when documents are returned via the Stampz dataDocument exchange channel, significantly improving workflow efficiency and allowing for rapid data retrieval.

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