Receive & Capture

Achieve Intake business processes transformation

Seamless multi-channel document retrieval.

zPaper eliminates manual document transfer and consolidation processes from unsupported channels by giving organizations the ability to receive documents across traditional and digital channels into Salesforce. ​


Quickly receive documents and data through multiple channels. Programs can be assigned by channel to achieve automatic routing and attachment to Salesforce queues and records.

zPaper's intelligent barcode technology provides 360 closed-looped processing which automatically routes and attaches returned documents to their relevant Salesforce records.


Automatically capture document identification data which can be used for business workflows and association to Salesforce records (i.e channel identifier, facility, contact, program, drug).

Store and Secure

Secure storage of original documents in Salesforce or zPaper’s HIPAA compliant data center.

Learn how zPaper works with the following channels:


With email, attached documents are captured and routed to the appropriate Salesforce record. These emails can include embedded forms and form link attachments. If completed by a physician or patient, any form data sent via embedded emails or links is sent directly to the designated Salesforce record.

Fax & Scans

  • Receive and send faxes in Salesforce using zPaper's secure fax infrastructure.
  • Receive scanned documents in Salesforce

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

Documents uploaded via FTP route directly to a relevant Salesforce record.

Web Portal

Your web form data can be automatically uploaded to create new standard or custom records (i.e accounts, person accounts, contacts, etc.)

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