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An intuitive platform that allows businesses to run smarter

Achieve patient intake process optimization with zPaper Triage and document markup.

The zPaper platform provides a powerful tool set for data capture, sorting, classifying, and annotating received documents from patients and physicians.


zPaper Triage

The zPaper Triage solution instantly improves operational efficiencies by giving organizations the ability to associate data, triage documents, and initiate multiple document journeys within a single location.

Split, assign, and classify pages within a single view

Attach document existing patient and provider records in Salesforce

Customizable data entry experience to align with specific operational processes.

Automated Workflow Triggers

Automate the end-to-end document journey and trigger custom workflows within Salesforce using the zPaper rules engine.

Create, assign, and update Salesforce records.

Select specific templates that populate information from a specific Salesforce record.

Initiate automated end-to-end document delivery and retrieval processes.

Document Mark-up

Leverage document modification features that allow teams to rotate, annotate, mark-up, and stamp individual pages within a single Salesforce experience, while maintaining the integrity of the original document.


Seamlessly manage individual pages within a single console and access key operational document processing insights.

Single Source Page Management

Achieve immediate efficiencies with the ability to split, attach, and index documents within a stack of changes inside a single, fully integrated console.

Secure Storage

The zPaper envelope engine provides added layers HIPAA level security while protecting the integrity of the original document.

Intelligent Operational Insights

Access key operational reporting and document guided audit features using the zPaper reports engine and Salesforce dashboards.

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