Transforming the future of document management with supervised OCR/ICR technology and intelligent automation


  • Received images are digitally enhanced for improved readability while leaving the original unaltered.
  • Each image is automatically rotated, aligned, de-specked, and de-skewed before being available for viewing.


  • Document types are automatically assigned using supervised OCR/ICR technology along with zPaper's native automated solutions.
  • Document type assignments may then trigger defined workflows within the document journey.


  • Automatically split documents based on identified document type.

AutoSignature Detect

  • Automatically detect page signatures to confirm if a signature is present. This feature could also be used to trigger Salesforce workflows to allow or restrict viewing or document routing for review.


  • Utilization of OCR/ICR technology to capture field data from typed or handwritten documents. Information extracted can be presented to the agent with specific confidence scores to validate document data prior to updating the appropriate Salesforce field.


  • Automatically query a Salesforce org to assign pages to the appropriate Salesforce record based on relation to a specific patient, provider, or case.



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