Generate Documents & Data

Achieve closed-loop, multi-channel automation with zPaper interactive forms

Dynamic Forms Generation

Generate and manage forms utilizing zPaper’s template engine, Visualforce pages, and web forms. Your documents are generated as editable PDFs and can be password protected for an extra layer of security.

Template Form fields can be populated with the necessary data from specific Salesforce records both automatically and manually. Your users can merge data and graphics from Salesforce standard and custom objects. Additionally, auto-generated barcodes can be added to assist in routing outbound templates back to the record they were send from for automation purposes.


Send documents and data securely across multiple channels

With zPaper, you can preview and send documents, including Visualforce page documents, automatically or manually across fax, mobile, and email channels.

Secure Bulk Sending

Securely send and forward received and dynamically generated documents via email or fax. Outbound documents sent via email can include a link instead of an attachment. The link will require and authentication step before the physician or patient can interact with the received document. zPaper also supports legacy fax processes by adding extra layers of security by applying barcode technology.

Closed-Loop Routing Automation

By using an advanced tracking system, barcodes are applied to outgoing forms, so once the form returns with updated information from the sender, that data is automatically routed to the appropriate Salesforce record for seamless, closed-loop delivery.

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