zDocument360​ eBrochure

One Healthcare Document Journey Automation Platform

Many Possibilities.

zPaper streamlines the entire healthcare document journey and connects documents to the 360-degree view of patients. All within a unified Salesforce experience.

Within our eBrochure, you'll see how zPaper's zDocument360platform gives organizations the ability to:

  1. Manage document lifecycles by automating the capture, creation, and delivery of documents.
  2. Leverage multiple channels such as fax, scan, email, web portals, Salesforce communities, and more.
  3. Accelerate document intake within a single triage experience along with queues and automated workflows.
  4. Leverage a platform built to meet the compliance needs of healthcare and life sciences organizations.
  5. Make immediate impact utilizing a platform that streamlines operations and allows organizations to meet critical KPIs.
  6. Greatly reduce document storage cost by utilizing our document envelope technology. 

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