The heart of the zPaper Infrastructure

Security comes first

zPaper Security goes beyond our Amazon hosting infrastructure and integrates flawlessly with Salesforce. We recognize that security is a priority for you; that is why it is an even bigger priority for us. Our all-encompassing security efforts mean we have security for your documents, for your server, and for our solution.

zPaper’s platform safeguards documents in both digital and paper forms. Watermarking each page and PDF enables detailed forensics and usage tracking. Operating our own fax infrastructure creates a true end-to-end chain of custody. Email can be handled through Salesforce or on-premise infrastructure.

One of the hallmarks of a true cloud computing infrastructure is its ability to scale. zPaper has taken advantage of this by engineering the zPaper application in such a way to be able to add additional components at a Web Tier, App Tier, or Agent Tier level to meet business growth needs. The underlying Amazon EC2 system which hosts our multi-tenant cloud-based system, not only enables zPaper to easily add these components, but also provides the increased communication bandwidth for connectivity and an easily expandable storage model.

zPaper utilizes HTTPS and SSL connections for all external connections to partners, clients, and services. We work with our business clients to design and then modify the operating model to incorporate their specific compliance requirements within the solution. Key HIPAA specifications already in place include encrypting data-at-rest and in-transit, audit trails for transactions and access, as well as internal policies and procedures for handling sensitive information.

Because the platform is 100% controlled by our company, we can support and deploy it with great flexibility and yet still be affordable. Whether your slice is maintained in our multi-tenant cloud, on a dedicated VM, or runs completely on-premise, our 24/7 support services are always available.

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