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VMS Biomarketing

How VMS BioMarketing makes a stronger user connection with zPaper.


VMS BioMarketing replaces its custom-made legacy document workflow system with zPaper’s zDocument360 solution to employ a more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective end-to-end healthcare document journey for its users.


With over one million patient and provider education programs conducted, VMS BioMarketing (“VMS”) is a leading provider of Clinical Educator solutions focused on empowering healthcare providers and patients through product support, education, and training. VMS designs and delivers patient support solutions that improve adherence to therapy and help providers ensure an effective patient start after the decision to prescribe has been made.

VMS has been strategically focused on delivering best-in-class patient support programs for more than twenty years. The company circulates documents and data among three main users: VMS Clinical Educators, Patients, and Healthcare Professionals via an inbound/outbound clinical call center. VMS measures its success based on the adherence rates of patients who are on therapy with their services. These rates are determined by the engagement between patients and educators as well as positive scores from evaluations with educators. Therefore, solid, sophisticated technologies play an important role to enable Educators to deliver highly impactful and personalized communications to their clients.

Crucial to this patient-educator engagement is the effectiveness of the patient healthcare document workflow. For many years, VMS relied on a mix of technologies (e.g., fax, network drive, telephony) to manage the influx of patient records and data and to store the documents which required manual user intervention to transfer the information from one location to the other. A fax would arrive through their telephony system, then routed to a shared email box where users would have to access the document and store it on the network drive for retention purposes. ​ For outbound faxing or sending of documents, a custom fax solution was developed and used.

Without a direct, automatic, and seamless connection between the fax document management process and the overall patient record system, their custom solution was disjointed and presented an array of challenges.

Eventually, VMS switched to Salesforce as the patient hub, yet they needed a way to ensure the proper association of documents across the entire patient journey. It was critical for the business to improve accessibility and establish a holistic view of documents and data for every patient.


With Salesforce as the central repository and exchange for patient information, VMS sought a solution that provided a seamless document journey that minimized the number of manual document management steps for the internal users.

  • As it embarked on its search, VMS outlined these requirements for a compatible solution:
  • Salesforce directly receives all documents.
  • Documents can attach to ANY object in Salesforce.
  • Documents can be automatically generated with data extracted from Salesforce for outbound sending.
  • Users can access reporting around the document lifecycle for performance and compliance tracking.

VMS researched a variety of solutions and Salesforce apps that would provide a streamlined, fully connected experience at a reasonable cost. However, they didn’t find many solutions that truly had end-to-end capabilities within a single platform. Additionally, with most solutions, documents couldn't be attached to all types of Salesforce objects while having the ability to distribute outbound. VMS needed a solution that offered a fully integrated experience with Salesforce and did it all.

VMS discovered zPaper in the Salesforce AppExchange and realized zPaper provides the ability to have a completely seamless, end-to-end, and frictionless user experience for managing end-to-end document journeys within Salesforce.

With zPaper, we could easily connect documents to the 360-degree view of patients with a single platform versus multiple."

- Renee Brochhagen - CIO, VMS

VMS BioMarketing’s new workflow with zPaper is now streamlined into 3 main steps.

  • Document(s) is received directly into the Salesforce queue.
  • All patient documents and data received are then associated with the required record (i.e., Patient, Journey, or Engagement record) within a single data entry experience.
  • Outbound forms are initiated by navigating to the patients’ Journey or Engagement record. The selected form is dynamically populated with Salesforce data and then sent to the agency.

Internal users have little involvement in the document management journey which enables them to spend more time on other aspects of the business.

The Results

With the zPaper platform, VMS BioMarketing has experienced positive results in major areas of its business - customer service, compliance, resources, and finances. In fact, the company has seen a 70% reduction in overall document processing time! VMS has the flexibility to add additional objects, document types, and documents at any time. This flexibility enables them to quickly scale and grow their operations.

VMS has seen a 70%​ reduction in overall document processing time!

Customer Service

The overall patient experience is streamlined and more impactful as educators are able to engage with patients in a more timely, efficient manner. All documents and data can be associated with the patients to achieve a truly connected 360-degree view of the patient. ​ Brochhagen declares that “...with the zPaper solution, the documents are received within a single, unified queue experience in the Salesforce location. ​ We can easily track original documents as well as when they are attached to different patient and engagement records. This streamlined process allows for fewer manual touches of the document because it leverages automation at scale.”


VMS has been able to successfully monitor compliance by accessing document journey insights provided by zPaper. For instance, an internal user can view information on when documents were received and attached to specific records.


The VMS team is able to quickly track and act upon patient consent document journey stages and have documents automatically attached to the correct patient once received. This has also eliminated many manual consent follow-up steps and is another way for the VMS teams to ensure compliance procedures are taking place.


VMS now has the ability to quickly and efficiently get patients registered which has positively impacted the company's bottom line. Because documents are stored in zPaper’s secure environment versus VMS’s Salesforce platform, their storage threshold doesn’t quickly diminish which greatly reduces their document storage costs.

Creating Connections That Matter

VMS strives to “put clients directly in touch with patients and providers in the real world, helping to create deep connections that offer rich insights that result in a meaningful change.” With zPaper in its tool chest, VMS can deliver specific education, training, and support to healthcare professionals and patients seamlessly.

VMS definitely recommends zPaper to any healthcare and life sciences company seeking to streamline its document workflow and create a better user experience. zPaper is the only all-in-one solution that allows you to securely integrate the entire document journey in Salesforce allowing for a seamless 360-degree view of the patient.

To learn more about zPaper's document journey automation platform and solutions, click here​ to connect with a solutions expert.

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