How a Leading Managed Care Organization Utilizes zPaper to Improve Mass Fax Communications & Workflows.

Industry:​ Healthcare

Sector:​ Payer

Company Size:​ SMB

Location:​ United States

Platform Solution(s):​ zDocument360


A leading provider of managed physical medicine services for workers comp organizations "The Company" utilizes zPaper’s fax automation capabilities to distribute a high volume of documents to individual patients in a timely and efficient manner.


The Company is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to promote quality care, and return-to-work oriented treatment for patients through its’ national network of professionals - physical therapists, occupational therapists, and chiropractors with expertise in treating work-related injuries. Their clients include the nation’s leading insurance carriers, self-insured employers, third-party administrators, state funds, managed-care organizations, and case-management companies.

With this extensive network of clients and patient base, the organization's provider relations department is responsible for sending out a tremendous volume of documents tagged with private patient data to accurately associate specific organizations and individuals. As the organization heavily relies on fax as the primary communication channel, the provider relations staff consistently dealt with the arduous task of ensuring that documents were associated with the correct case file & provider, tagged for follow-up and subsequent processing, and promptly delivered.


The Company experienced many issues with this process, such as misplaced information, incomplete records, and lost lab and x-ray results. These issues were also attributed to the lack of a central document repository. To address those issues, they chose zPaper’s fax solution for Salesforce to bring consistency to the process and improve documentation tracking capabilities.


After reviewing and evaluating the patient document journey process used within the provider relations department, zPaper implemented its fax automation solution to expand the department’s capabilities and streamline their efficiency. The newly implemented solution efficiently manages any number of documents for both fax and secure email channels. With zPaper, each document is created instantly by pulling patient data from Salesforce and merging it into a specific template used for outbound sending. Each recipient receives a personalized document that is automatically registered and tracked within Salesforce.

The Results

The zPaper fax solution enables The Company to continually improve its processes and technology while providing a seamless, customized experience for its customers. They initially approached zPaper to solve its mass fax problem. However, once the solution was installed, they realized zPaper’s ability to streamline the entire workflow into a more efficient and effective digital document journey overall.

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