A Leading Prescription Delivery Company Accelerates Operational Growth with zPaper's Document Journey Automation

Industry:​ Healthcare

Sector:​ Pharmaceutical

Company Size:​ SMB

Location:​ United States

Platform Solution(s):​ zDocument360


As a market leader in home delivery prescription services, the "Company" facilitates the delivery of medication for terminally ill hospice patients. zPaper helped the Company convert its manual patient prescription management processes to a fully automated workflow using the zDocument360 solution.


According to the Center for Disease Control, 75.1% of doctor visits result in patients being issued a prescription. Often, patients must keep track of multiple prescriptions for themselves and other family members, which can be overwhelming and time-consuming. This process can be a massive headache as it entails coordinating with insurance companies, requesting refills from physicians, and completing a large amount of documentation.

The Company manages the entire prescription enrollment, transfer, refill, and renewal process to ensure all patients consistently receive their prescriptions on time. The entire document exchange between physicians, insurance carriers, and pharmacies must be as seamless as possible to make this happen successfully.


The Company was hindered because it's nearly 100% manual workflow process and relied heavily on fax as the primary communication method. A glimpse of the process looked like this:

The physicians’ offices received a request via fax from patients to initiate a new prescription or refill. Then, the healthcare provider completed the prescription request, which was faxed to the pharmaceutical company. Any additional communications that occurred between the doctor and patient were also faxed and logged. The pharmaceutical company only had one employee managing this entire process. As documents arrive, that individual manually enters patient data from the document into a tracked spreadsheet stored on a local hard drive.

This process was tedious and led to a wide range of critical clerical errors, including lost faxes and mistyped data entries. With the high volume of inbound documents involved in this manual process, reaching the goal of on-time prescription delivery to the patients would be difficult, if at all attainable. Additionally, the company opened itself up to a growing amount of compliance risks.


To improve the organization's ability to process patient prescriptions as soon as possible, the Company turned to zPaper to streamline the document exchange and improve its patient experience. zPaper seamlessly integrated into their existing Salesforce system. By using zPaper's zDocument360 platform, the organization could eliminate the manual data entry processes by automatically attaching each inbound document to the required patient record in Salesforce. More specifically, this enhanced process automated a series of complex workflows which involved connecting various entity records (e.g., doctor’s offices, insurance carriers, and patients) to improve patient engagement.

The Results

The Company experienced tremendous growth with zDocument360. They doubled their staff to handle the increased volume of prescriptions. Thanks to zPaper’s document automation solution for Salesforce, their teams can focus less on manual fax processes and more on patient care.

We wanted to add zPaper to our Salesforce solution and processes because we knew we needed that efficiency."

- Director, Home Delivery Hospice Delivery Company

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